In the ClubV1 website & app, we have now enabled the Club Teams facility.
Since the club has moved all registration, sign-up & scoring into the ClubV1 system, we will now also use the members hub for competition/event/fixture administration.

What is Club Teams?

It is a facility that allows members to register (subscribe) to various pre-defined ECGC teams, equivalent to the paper-based sign-up sheets we previously used for members to indicate their participation to (mostly) team events and fixtures.
For example, we have created a Club Team called ECGC Inter-Club Mixed that caters for members (Ladies & Gents) who wish to be considered to play one or more of the inter-club fixtures.
We also have a separate Club Team called ECGC Inter-Club Ladies designed for Lady members who wish to participate in the Ladies-only inter-club fixtures.
We have other pre-defined teams for all the Scrambles, the Captain's Charity Events, the Ladies v Gents Competition and even the Champion of Champions Competition.

The Club Teams system does not include the Knockout Competitions, or the Monthly Medal or Stableford Competitions, they have a separate registration and sign-up facility within ClubV1 / HDID.

How do members access Club Teams?

There are two main access routes:
1. Via the Members Hub website, or
1. Via the Members Hub on the ClubV1 App.

Both methods are outlined here:

ClubV1 website Members Hub: Select the Club dropdown / Select Club Teams / Elect to View Team Details / Choose Apply Now.
ClubV1 app: select the Options icon (next to the Bell icon) / Select the Club Teams / View Team Details / Then press Apply Now.

By submitting your application to participate in one of more of the Club Teams listed, you will then control your availability and will be notified of your selection or participation by the Captain prior to the event. Members can withdraw membership, and indicate availability of any Club Teams using the above ClubV1 facilities too.

After submitting your subscription request in Club Teams, your team application will show as Applied. The Club Captain will accept/reject each member application and (if successful) you will see all the fixture details associated with each of the Club Teams, using the My Teams listing. Members then have the option to indicate their availability for each team fixture.

Benefits of Club Teams?

Firstly, the Captain assumes the role of Team Manager. Team selection, communication and management is thereby streamlined electronically. No paper-based systems are therefore necessary. Team member communication is organised on a team-by-team basis.

Further Information:

Please contact Peter Hill-Cottingham ( or Club Secretary Katy Downs (